How to track the time spent on WhatsApp

Controlling the use of WhatsApp throughout the day is a tricky task, but an Android application reveals the time spent on the messenger - and allows you to limit it, an attitude that may be important to chat addicts. QualityTime enables scheduled breaks to increase productivity at home or at work.

The tool has the same features as the Dashboard, Android P, and iOS 12 activity control, both planned to debut worldwide by the end of the year. If you do not want to wait months to test the d feature, check out the next step. In this procedure, we use a Moto C Plus with Android N (7.0).

Tutorial shows how to use the QualityTime app to track the time spent on WhatsApp

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How to install and configure the application on Android

Step 1. Download and install QualityTime. When you start the application, create an account or use your Facebook login to enable the tools. Then tap "Allow" to go to the Android settings.

Create an account or use your Facebook login in the QualityTime app for Android

Step 2. When you are redirected to the mobile settings, select the QualityTime app and enable the "Allow user access" feature.

Allow the app to collect usage information

Creating scheduled breaks

Step 1. Open QualityTime and touch the list of applications in the center of the screen. The following window will display the time spent with WhatsApp and other applications during the day. To proceed, tap the three-bar icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Open the menu to set a programmed pause.

Step 2. Tap "Scheduled Pauses". Then touch "Next" to create a usage profile.

Create a profile in the QualityTime app

Step 3. Name the programmed pause and go to the "Tap to select" option. At this point, mark all applications except WhatsApp. This way, when the pause starts, the messenger will be locked for use. Tap "Add".

Select all applications except WhatsApp to limit usage

Step 4. Tap "Create" and in the next window use the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the screen to create the scheduled pause.

Save the profile and set a pause time

Step 5. Tap "Add". Then set the break time and the days of the week of reps. To proceed, touch "Save."

Choose the time to pause the use of WhatsApp

Step 6. Activate your pause so that it is active at the time and on the days of the week you selected.

Activate the pause

Step 7. Your pause will start at the scheduled time. WhatsApp will be off the allowed application list.

Screen blocked by a scheduled QualityTime Android app pause

Use the hint to improve your productivity by reducing your use of WhatsApp at important times of your day.

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