How to transfer Agibank account to other banks

Agibank, Nubank's competing digital bank, allows you to make transfers to other banks through TED. The financial institution offers three free transfers and a fee is charged after this limit. Transactions must be made between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. out of period, the operation is locked in the app.

Like everything in the application, the procedure is carried out entirely by the phone and only takes a few minutes. The tutorial below shows the bank transfer step by step on Android, but the method is the same on iPhone (iOS).

Agibank: See how to transfer to accounts from other banks

Inviting friends to Agibank

Step 1. Open the Agibank app on your phone and enter your access password. From the main screen, press the "Pay" button, and then select TED.

Path to Agibank transfer menu via TED

Step 2. Press the "Enter Account Data" button. Then enter the CPF or CNPJ from whom you will receive the transfer, without typing the dot, hyphen, or slash. Tap the green button with an arrow to continue.

Insertion of CPF or CNPJ from the transfer recipient in the Agibank app

Step 3. Enter the recipient's full name and press the green button (the app automatically capitalizes the initial letters). Select the bank of the recipient account. If it is not one of these represented with icons, type the name or number of the bank, or scroll down to see all the registered institutions, organized by the initial letter.

Insert full name of account holder and account and select bank in Agibank

Step 4. Tap the down arrow and select the account type (in this example, a checking account). Press the green button. Then enter the agency number (without the check digit) and the account number (with the check digit, but without the hyphen). Press the green button to continue.

Bank account data that will receive the in-app download from Agibank

Step 5. Enter the value you want to transfer into the text field and press "Continue". Then type a description for the transfer and tap the green arrow button.

Value information and description of the in-app download from Agibank

Step 6. The Agibank app will show you the summary of your bank transfer. Confirm the data and, if all is correct, press "Transfer". Enter your four-digit password and tap "Continue."

Finalizing the transfer of the Agibank account to another bank

Step 7. The app will display the message "Transaction successful." Soon after, Agibank will show a summary transfer via TED. If you wish, touch "Share" and send the voucher to the recipient.

Transfer to another bank by the Agibank app

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