How to transfer Itaú through the cell phone

Making a bank transfer from the Itaú application to another bank or to Itaú's own accounts is a tip that can be very useful in the day to day life of the users. Thus, the accountant can carry out transactions using only the mobile phone and avoid the queues of the agencies. Among the options, it is possible to transfer to Caixa, Bradesco, among other accounts and banks.

The Itaú application is available for both Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, and step-by-step is valid for both operating systems. For the following tutorial, we use an iPhone 8 Plus with iOS 11.4.1.

Learn how to make bank transfers on the Itaú app from your mobile phone

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Step 1. Open the Itaú application and log in with your bank account and electronic password.

Log in to your Itaú account

Step 2. On the main page of the app, click on the "Transactions" tab. Then choose "make transfer".


Step 3. Now enter the account details to be credited (Bank, Agency, Account and Ownership) and touch "Continue". Once this is done, set the transfer value.

Fill in your bank transfer details

Step 4. Choose the date and type of transfer you want to make and select "Continue." Once this is done, a page with all the information of your transaction will appear to you. If all is correct, click "Confirm".

Verify your transaction information

Step 5. Enter the password for your account - the same one used at the ATM - to complete the transfer.

Enter the password for your Itaú card

Ready. Whenever you need to make a transfer from Itaú bank, just repeat the step by step above.

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