How to transfer NuConta to other bank accounts

Nubank has created a bank account mode that works as a savings. With NuConta, the money surrenders with the passage of time, without the need to pay tuition. The banking service has a transfer to accounts of other financial institutions without paying extra fees, such as the infamous TED deposit, for example.

The operation must be carried out during banking business hours, between 8am and 5pm, directly from the official mobile application. The voucher can be saved or sent to your contacts by email, WhatsApp and other communication software.

See how to make Nubank NuConta transfers to bank accounts

How to make a deposit in a NuConta per boleto bancário

Step 1. Open the Nubank application and tap the "NuConta" card. The amount available in your account will be displayed. Select "Download".

Access your account to start the transfer

Step 2. Choose your own account or touch "New Contact" to register the data of a friend. Click "Transfer to a Nudge" or "Transfer to an account from another bank".

Add a new contact to start downloading NuConta

Step 3. Select between "Individual" (if it is a friend's account) or "Legal entity" (for business account). Enter the full name and press "Continue".

Enter the type of transfer and add the name of the person

Step 4. Next, enter your friend's CPF and select his or her bank to make the transfer.

Add your friend's CPF and select his or her bank

Step 5. Enter the agency number and account of the person, also considering the digits. Please confirm "Transfer to account".

Enter your agency number and your friend's account

Step 6. Select the transfer value and tap "Continue". Press the "Confirm Transfer" button.

Add the amount you want to transfer from your NuConta to the other bank account

Step 7. Enter your four-digit password from your Nubank card - the same one used for the account - and wait for the transfer to be confirmed.

Enter your password and confirm the transfer on your mobile phone

Step 8. By clicking "Send voucher", you can attach the PDF and send it by WhatsApp, email and other messaging apps.

Share the transfer voucher in the app of your choice

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