How to translate an entire document in Google Docs

Google Docs translates texts from Google Translate engines. This is one of the functions of the tools available to edit content or document structures. The platform provides a simple interface, with features similar to the features of Microsoft Word, an integral part of the Office suite.

Capable of pouring articles into large-format PDF documents, Google's translation device is efficient, fast and supports dozens of languages. Check out this tutorial how to translate texts from Portuguese to other languages ​​or vice versa through Google Docs.

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Google Docs uses Google Translate features as a translation tool

Step 1. Copy and paste the entire contents of the document to be translated, either in .doc or PDF;

Copy the entire content of the text you want to translate into Google Docs

Step 2. Next, click the "Tools" option and select the "Translate document ..." alternative. This feature acts on the entire text, ie the language of the entire document will change;

Under "Tools, " click "Translate document ..." on the Google Docs platform

Step 3. A window will overlap text in Google Docs. On the "Translate to" tab, select the language for which you want to translate the document;

In the Google Docs translation tool window, choose the language in which you want to translate the text

Step 4. Choose a file name to save to your Google Drive account in the "New title for your document" text box. Then, complete the action on the "Translate" button;

Name the translated document in the highlighted text box and click "Translate" in Google Docs

Step 5. The translated text will be transformed into a new Google Docs document and can already be exported or shared.

The translation will now appear in a new Google Docs document

Ready. Take the step-by-step to quickly and freely change the language of your documents through Google Docs.

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