How to translate PDF online without installing anything

Online Doc Translator is a very useful tool for those who need to translate PDF documents without losing formatting. The service uses Google Translate technology to convert texts from several languages ​​into Portuguese, keeping all formatting elements such as tables, graphics and links as in the original file. The feature works online in the browser, eliminating the installation of programs on the PC. In addition, unlike other solutions of the genre, the platform does not limit the number of pages to be translated for free. Here's how to use the feature on your computer.

Save translation history to Google Translate

Online Doc Translator uses Google Translate technology to translate texts online

Step 1. Access the Online Doc Translator through the PC browser and click on "Translate Now".

Use Online Doc Translator to translate documents

Step 2. Drag the document to the center window of the platform. In addition to PDF, the platform supports .docx, .pptx, .xlsx, .odt, .txt, and other text, spreadsheet, and presentation formats.

Import a PDF, Word, or other format supported by Online Doc Translator

Step 3. By default, Online Doc Translator attempts to identify the language of the document by itself, but you can manually select the source language for the file.

Select the language of the source file

Step 4. Select "Portuguese" as the output language and click "Translate."

Start file translation in Online Doc Translator

Step 5. Wait a few seconds until the translated file is available. If the download does not start automatically, click on "Download your translated document".

Download the translated document to the computer

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