How to translate sentences for other languages ​​with Siri on iOS 12

IOS 12 allows Siri to translate user-posted phrases into other languages. The feature, which is available for iPhones and iPads compatible with the new system, recognizes the voice feed and provides the translation into the languages ​​assimilated by the Apple assistant. In this way, users can learn new phrases and use the function in emergency situations to communicate with foreigners.

In addition, the translation is useful for students from other languages ​​who wish to ask questions or learn in a self-dictated way. The feature provides audio with the exact pronunciation of the words in each language chosen. The feature is only available for phrases and does not apply to complex texts.

Portuguese phrases gain fast translation into the following languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian. To learn how to translate phrases using Siri from iOS 12, check out the tutorial we prepared using an iPhone 7.

Tip shows how to use Siri to translate sentences from Portuguese into other languages ​​on iOS 12

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Step 1. Press and hold the home button until Siri starts. At this point, say "Translate (phrase you want)". The wizard will then offer the language options. Just dictate any translation. In this example, we will use "German".

Action to request the translation of a sentence for Siri from iOS 12

Step 2. You will hear the audio and text translation on the device screen. If you want to hear the pronunciation again, touch the icon next to the translated phrase. You can ask the assistant to translate the same sentence into another language. To do this, simply touch the icon at the bottom of the screen and say the name of the language.

Action to translate the same sentence for other languages ​​with Siri from iOS 12

Take the tip to ask questions about pronunciations and translations of phrases from Portuguese into other languages.

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