How to translate text or entire document in Word

Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint have a native translation tool. The feature uses the Microsoft Translator engine to translate texts from English to Portuguese, Portuguese into English and multiple languages ​​into the document itself, without having to open the translation service in the browser. The feature is available for Office 365 users and since September is also one of the new features of Office 2019. See the following tutorial on how to access and use the translator in Word to convert excerpts or an entire file with a click.

How to Use Word Review Tools

How to translate PDF online without installing anything

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Step 1. Access the Word review menu on the top toolbar;

Translation feature is on the Word Review menu

Step 2. Mark the text and press the "Translate selection" option to translate a specific passage;

Translate a specific segment of text in Word

Step 3. In the first use of the integrated translator, it is necessary to enable the service in the "Activate" option;

Enable the Office Translator on First Use

Step 4. In the sequence, Word will display a side panel to the right with the translation content. Compare the versions and press the "Insert" button in the lower right corner to add the translation to the original text of the document;

Translate an excerpt and replace in the original text

Step 5. To translate a text in full, go to the "translate" option in the menu and select "Translate document";

Office also allows you to translate an entire file

Step 6. Word will display a side menu that lets you choose the language for conversion. Confirmed the parameters, press "Translate" to start the procedure;

Set language and enter the translation

Step 7. Seconds later, Word generates a new file with the translated content. Press "Save" in the upper left corner to save the document to the computer - the original is intact.

Save the translated document as a separate file

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