How to Troubleshoot Unmountable Boot Volume Error on PC

The "Unmountable Boot Volume" error message may appear for a variety of reasons, such as file system failure or problems with the hard disk or partition on which Windows is installed. In this way, the system can not mount the disk and access the files needed to start the computer, and as a result, the PC can not be powered on.

In the following tutorial, check out three ways to solve the problem on your computer. The procedure was performed on a PC running Windows 10, but the tips also apply to previous versions of the Microsoft system.

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Learn to Fix Unmountable Boot Volume Failure in Windows 10

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Start Windows Recovery Mode

Step 1. On another computer, create a recovery disc in Windows 10. If you prefer, you can also make a bootable USB flash drive with Rufus;

Make a bootable Windows 10 drive

Step 2. Start the PC using the recovery disk or system installation pen drive and select "Repair the computer";

Access the system recovery tools

Step 3. Press the "Troubleshooting" option;

Open the indicated option

Step 4. Next, open the "Command Prompt".

Open Command Prompt

Check the disc

In the Command Prompt window, enter "chkdsk / rc:" (without quotation marks). Be sure to replace the "c:" with the letter of the drive on which the system is installed. After you run the disk scan, close Command Prompt and restart your computer.

Enter the indicated command

Repair the MBR

If the above procedure does not resolve your issue, return to the Command Prompt and enter "bootrec / fixboot" to repair the master boot record (MBR). Then close the Command Prompt and restart the computer.

Enter the indicated command

Perform Auto Repair

Step 1. If the problem persists, go back to the Windows recovery tools and select "Startup Repair";

Run the startup repair tool

Step 2. Finally, press "Windows 10". The tool will perform some checks and, if necessary, perform the corrections automatically. Your computer will restart automatically when the process is finished.

Click on the system to be repaired

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