How to turn photos into works of art with Fotor

The online Fotor service has a tool that allows users to turn their photos into painting. Available for free, FArt GoArt is an editing platform that features artistic filters that change the original image with just one click on the screen. The feature is similar to that found in the filters offered by the famous Prisma application.

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To use the site function, simply choose a photo stored on your PC and use the platform filter buttons. After the completion of an edition, GoArt allows the image to be saved on the computer without any watermark that it sends to the service. If you want to turn your photos into artwork for free over the PC, check out how to use the GoArt service.

FArt's GoArt Feature Turns Images into Works of Art

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Step 1. Go to the Photor website and select the "Import" option. To enable all editing options, you must load an image before;

Action to enable the Photor editing screen

Step 2. Select the image and confirm the action on the "Open" button;

Action to upload to Photor a photo saved on the computer

Step 3. At this point, check the "Effect" option in the side menu and choose the "Try it Now" option, located below the GoArt tool description;

Action to access the GoArt editing option of the Photor

Step 4. Click the "Add a photo first!" Option. to open the file explorer on your computer;

Action to open the tool to import photos into the GoArt tool of the Fotor service

Step 5. Select the image you want to edit and press "Open";

Action to upload a photo stored on the computer to the GoArt tool of the Photor

Step 6. Choose one of the icons below the image to use the artistic filters of the Photor GoArt;

Action to use one of the GoArt Photor filters in a photo

Step 7. With the filter applied, use the intensity slider to customize the filter in the photo. To save the image to the PC, use the "Save" button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Action to save an edited image in the PC GoArt

Enjoy the hint for fun using the GoArt Photor artistic filters in your photos.

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