How to uninstall the Facebook app and continue using the social network

Facebook has been stepping on the ball with users. Lately, social networking has been accused of violating user privacy in a number of ways, such as promoting a VPN solution that actually monitors their habits in other applications. In addition, it is possible for the application to use the microphone to listen to everything you say. As a reflex, people are committing 'Facebookcide', erasing their accounts, or spending less time on the network. According to information disclosed by the company, there was a decrease of 5% in the last quarter.

Thinking about it, TechTudo has prepared a tutorial with several tips on how to use Facebook on mobile without having to have the application installed. In step-by-step, see how to create a shortcut to the site on your phone's home screen to access the mobile version, which offers pretty much the same features as the app.

See how to use Facebook on your mobile phone without the application

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How to uninstall the app

The Facebook app is the big bad guy. In addition to being heavy and taking up a lot of space, it is able to collect data such as your location and send it to social network servers that will later be used to display more relevant ads. Learn how to remove the app on iPhone (iOS) and Android.

Step 1. On the iPhone, just hold down the icon for a few seconds, tap the "x" and confirm.

Uninstalling Facebook on iOS

Step 2. On Android, to completely erase all files, you must open the settings and tap "Applications".

Access Android app settings

Step 3. Next, locate the Facebook app and click on "Storage".

Open app storage settings

Step 4. Now, click on "Clear Data" and confirm. Then select "Clear cache".

Deleting Facebook data

Step 5. Returning to the previous screen, touch "Uninstall" and then "OK".

Uninstalling Facebook app on Android

How to create a shortcut to the site

To continue using Facebook without having the application, you can create a shortcut to the mobile version of the site on the home screen of the phone. That way, just tap on the icon to open the social network right in the browser. Learn how to do this on Android and iPhone (iOS).

Step 1. On the iPhone, open Safari and go to the Facebook site. Then tap on the share button and choose "Home Screen."

Adding shortcut to Facebook on iPhone home screen

Step 2. Press "Add" in the upper right corner. The social network icon will be added to the home screen of your phone.

Adding shortcut to Facebook on iPhone home screen

Step 3. On Android, the procedure is done by Chrome. In it, go to the Facebook site and, in the browser menu, touch "Add to the home screen".

Adding shortcut to Facebook on the Android home screen

Step 4. Finally, click "Add". The social network icon will be added to the home screen of your phone.

Adding shortcut to Facebook on the Android home screen

How to use the web version of Facebook on mobile

In the web version of Facebook, the user has access to practically all the resources of the social network. The usage experience is very similar to the application. On the other hand, you can not receive notifications. Here's how to use Facebook's mobile site. The tips are good for Android and iPhone.

Step 1. On the Facebook home page, note that there are tabs at the top of the screen. It is there that the user can check the friendship requests, view the notifications and make searches. On the last button, you can access your groups, profile, and applications.

Facebook web version on mobile

Step 2. To create a new post, just tap "What are you thinking?". You can submit an image by clicking on "Photo" or checkin the button next to it. For other publishing options, press the "More" option. In this screen, it is possible to bookmark friends, create photo albums and add a feeling. Finally, just touch the "Publish" button in the upper right corner.

Creating a new post

Ready! Enjoy the tips to use the social network on your cell phone without needing the cumbersome and sometimes spy Facebook application.

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