How to uninstall Messenger from your phone

The procedure for uninstalling Facebook Messenger on Android and iPhone (iOS) is simple. However, the step-by-step may cause some questions in the user. Deleting Messenger does not interfere with the Facebook login made by the smartphone application. In addition, the account linked to the system is also preserved, thus allowing shares in the social network of photos and videos of the phone.

To learn how to permanently delete Messenger from your smartphone, follow the tutorial below. The step by step was accomplished in a Moto C Plus with Android Nougat (7.0) and an iPhone 7 with iOS 11.

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Tutorial shows how to delete Messenger on Android and iPhone (iOS) smartphones

On android

Step 1. Access the Android settings and click on the "Applications" option.

Visit the application management page on Android

Step 2. From the list of applications, tap the "Messenger" option. Then use the "Uninstall" button.

Step 3. Confirm the action by clicking "OK". Please wait for a few seconds until the app is uninstalled.

On the iPhone

Step 1. Open the iPhone and find the application icon. At this point, hold your finger on this icon for a few moments. Then touch the "X" icon to start the process of deleting the app.

Select Facebook Messenger on iOS

Step 2. Confirm the action in the "Delete" option and wait a few moments until Messenger is uninstalled.

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