How to unlink a Google account from a stolen or lost phone

Users with a stolen or lost cell phone can unlink their Google account from a distance to prevent unauthorized access to their data. The company offers an online tool that allows you to delete Gmail from your smartphone using any other device with your logged in account, be it a cell phone or a computer.

This feature is useful for preventing undue access to your emails, contacts, browsing history, apps, and other information linked to your profile. In the following tutorial, here's how to remove a Google account from an iPhone (iOS) or Android.

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Here's how to remove a Google account from a lost or stolen phone.

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Step 1. On a secondary phone or PC, open Google Chrome and sign in to your Google account.

Sign in to your Google account using another mobile via Chrome

Step 2. With your Google account logged in, go back to the Google Home screen and tap the menu on the page. Choose the "My account" option. Then select "Login and Security".

Access the login and security menu on the My Account website

Step 3. Scroll down to the "Recently Used Devices" section and tap "Check Devices". Google will show the list of devices with your account logged in. Select the stolen or lost cell phone.

Select lost or stolen phone

Step 4. On the device details screen, touch "Remove" and confirm your choice in the pop-up window. From there, your device will be prevented from accessing your Google data, such as email, contacts, and browsing history, unless the account password is entered.

Remove Google account from lost or stolen device

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