How to Update Books on Kindle

Digital books for the Kindle can receive seasonal updates from authors and publishers, often adding new information, correcting errors, or even expanding features and links for more interactive titles. Updates can be automatic if your Kindle is set up to work like this, or manuals, where you'll have to watch for new editions and start the update process manually through the Amazon website.

In the next step by step, you're on the inside of how to check and check for updates in your library. It is worth remembering that the updates are also valid for those who do not have Kindle and read on other devices.

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Step 1. Access the official Amazon website ( ).

Access the Amazon site

Step 2. Hover over "Accounts and Lists" and choose "Manage your content and devices".

Menu allows you to find all the items that are part of your library

Step 3. Enter your login and password.

Confirm login to proceed

Step 4. In the "Your content" tab you will find all the virtual books purchased from Amazon.

content "you have access to your entire history of books purchased from Amazon

Step 5. Slide to browse through your list and check if there is any update title available. If so, there will be a text highlighting the availability, as shown in the image.

Scroll through the list to see if any workbooks have a pending update

Step 6. To update, click on the "..." button and choose "Update this title".

Step 7. You will receive a warning on the screen reminding you that the digital file of the book will be replaced with a new one, which can eliminate your markings and notes.

Update can overwrite bookmarks and saved notes from the book in question

Step 8. Amazon will automatically send the new version to your Kindle, just by having it connected to the Internet. If you do not receive the book on Kindle, it is likely that the book has been sent to the device set as your default reading device. You can check your devices on the "Your devices" tab, on the same screen where we find the books.

Update will be sent to your default reading device

Step 9. Just wait for the download on the reading device and you're done: your book will be updated in the latest version.

The book will be sent to Kindle immediately and the update process should only take a few seconds

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