How to upgrade Android from Moto C Plus

The Moto C Plus is a Motorola incoming phone that comes standard with Android 7 Nougat. As with other models from the manufacturer, it can have your system upgraded to the latest version supported on your smartphone. This can resolve bugs, fix security issues, and allow newer apps to be installed normally on your smartphone.

Learn, in this TechTudo tutorial, how to access Android settings to update your Moto C Plus. Step by step can be repeated whenever you want to get any new updates that are available on your device.

Learn how to upgrade your Moto C Plus Android

How to use Moto C Plus in battery-saving mode

Step 1. Go to the "Configure" option and then click the "About the device" section.

Action to check options for Android in Moto C Plus

Step 2. Tap "System Updates" and wait for the search for updates to finish. With the onscreen update description, choose "Yes, I accept" and wait for the download to finish.

Path to start system update in Moto C Plus

Step 3. At this point, confirm the installation of the update and wait until your device restarts.

Procedure to install a system update in Moto C Plus

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