How to upgrade YouTube on Sony Bravia smart TV

Sony Bravia smart TVs do not offer a store to download applications, which may confuse users when updating YouTube and other installed programs. Although there is no central control of apps to manage this task, the system has an option in the settings that allows you to get all the updates available to the TV in one go.

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In the following tutorial, here's how to download updates for apps installed on Sony Bravia TV.

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Step 1. Press the Home button on the remote control to open the Sony Bravia TV options menu. Then navigate to Settings> Preferences.

Access the Sony Bravia TV preferences

Step 2. In the side menu, select the "Settings" option.

Access the Sony Bravia TV settings settings menu

Step 3. Access the "Network" menu at the top of the list.

Access the Sony Bravia TV network settings

Step 4. Select the "Refresh content from the Internet" option. If the TV is connected to the Internet, it will take only a few seconds for any updates available to all installed apps, including YouTube, to download.

Get all available updates for your Sony Bravia TV at once

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