How to use Airbnb to organize trips full of experiences

Airbnb is a platform that allows you to search for houses, apartments and even rooms for travelers. In addition to renting the accommodation, the app contains tools for users to explore the final destination with tips and purchase unforgettable experiences - such as a walk through traditional bars, a surf lesson or something related to gastronomy.

The following tutorial teaches you how to plan an unforgettable trip with the Airbnb app for Android and iPhone (iOS). It is worth mentioning that, for now, the only Brazilian city that has content in the "Experiences" tab is Rio de Janeiro. However, it is possible to see different schedules in other places of the world.

App assists travelers in choosing accommodation and gives the best tips on local programs

Airbnb tests payment division to facilitate group travel

Step 1. Install and open the Airbnb App. For new users, create a new platform account or go to Facebook.

To access Airbnb you need to register

Step 2. On the first page, on the "Explore" tab, you can define the destination location, determine the start dates of the trip and specify the number of guests. With the chosen destination, the app shows the experiences that you can have on the spot, the houses available for rent and recommendation of places.

When determining the travel destination, the app indicates accommodations, tips, and experiences on the spot.

Step 3. If you want to rent a house / room / apartment, the app provides filters so that you can find what is closest to what you are looking for. Among these filters, it is possible to choose the price range, number of beds, rooms and determine the amenities you consider indispensable, the options include air conditioning, Wi-Fi, washing machine, among many others.

With the help of filters you can get results closer to what you are looking for

Step 4. In the "Experiences" tab, the user can buy experiences on the spot, which can be: learn how to cook a typical dish, a helicopter ride, feed sharks in the aquarium, a tour of the bars, meet a samba school block and even learn a local dance. The options are as diverse as possible and vary according to local culture. The resort is very interesting to enable travelers to experience tours that run away from the ordinary for a tourist.

The experiences allow the visitor to experience typical and different moments

Step 5. In "Places" (which is only available in some cities) are the most different tips guides, such as "Cheap restaurants", "Best places to have dinner" and "Where to drink creative cocktails".

The guides of the places offer tips of the most diversified

Step 6. To save something interesting, whether accommodations, experiences or places, simply click on the heart in the upper right corner. Whatever is marked goes to "Favorites" and for a better organization, it is still possible to organize by lists.

Favorites allow you to save what you liked best for a later purchase

Step 7. In "Trips" it is possible to see the trips that you have already done and that had lodging or experiences acquired by Airbnb, like a history. The "Messages" tab is the means of communication between the user and the landlord to ask questions before closing the deal.

If you have any questions prior to purchase, simply contact the advertiser through the Airbnb app

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