How to use Auto Draw? Google Paint adjusts bad designs

Auto Draw is an online Google application that lets anyone draw well. At the beginning of the stroke, the tool tries to guess the shape to be formed and displays suggestions of ready-made images. For example, by sketching a circle, the platform begins displaying items in this format at the top of the screen.

Owned by creators as "a combination of a machine and a community of artists, " the free service can be used from any type of device (computer, cell phone or tablet) through the browser. Learn how to use the key features of Auto Draw.

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Auto Draw ensures perfect designs even for those who can not draw

Top menu tools

All the tools to carry out the drawings are available in the pencil icon, located on the bottom left screen. Among the existing resources are:

Auto Draw: The feature that names the application ensures beautiful figures even for those who can not draw. When you make the first line on the screen, image suggestions start appearing at the top.

The Auto Draw function suggests shapes as you draw in the program

To view all the options, simply scroll the bar to the right or left. If you find the corresponding drawing, a click on it will transform your "garrancho" into a work of art.

You can drag Auto Draw cues left or right

Draw: This tool allows you to draw freehand. That is, when you drag the mouse cursor or slide your finger on the blank screen, the movement will be recorded. In this case, no drawing options are suggested, and at the top of the screen is only the mechanism for changing the thickness of the virtual pencil.

Auto Draw has a freehand drawing tool

Shape: The tool (whose name is in English) has three different geometric shapes: triangle, circle, and square. Thus, if the user wants to illustrate a pizza, the triangle and the circle can be very practical. However, this feature does not rely on the drawing suggestion tool.

Auto Draw has a tool that allows you to draw geometric shapes

Select: Selects areas of the drawing to then move, resize, and / or rotate images on the screen. It can be used to change freehand images, application suggestions, typed texts and pre-defined formats.

Auto Draw Selection Tool

Type: The option allows you to enter texts on the screen with the 15 different font types available in Auto Draw. Just choose your preferred, determine the size and click on the place where you want to enter the word or phrase.

You can include texts to the Auto Draw arts

Fill: just click on the desired region so it will be all colored in one go thanks to these tools.

With the auto draw fill feature you can colorize an entire area at once

Auto Draw Colors

Auto Draw offers 40 color options, located on the lower right side of the screen. Just click on the one you want to trigger. They are available for Auto Draw, Draw, Shape, and Fill features.

Auto Draw offers 40 color options

Side menu tools

The menu in the upper left area of ​​the screen has other useful tools. Are they:

Auto Draw side menu options

Start over: start a new drawing from scratch. But beware: the previously done drawing will not be saved, and the program will not display any warning window to the user if he is sure he wants to discard all the work done so far.

How-to: Access the visual tutorial on the main Auto Draw tools. However, the content is available in English only.

Share: With a click, the user is directed to a screen to share the drawing on Twitter or Google+, or copy the link generated in other social networks.

Auto Share lets you share the work done

Now that you already know the main tools of Auto Draw, how about testing the artistic skills in the program?

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