How to use BeFunky to edit your photos via PC

BeFunky is an image editor with web, iPhone (iOS) and Android versions. The site offers basic features for free and online: it allows you to cut, resize and configure brightness, brightness, contrast and other edits. The service also has functions to add different effects, make assemblies and prepare various types of art.

With the paid option, the user can access more tools, effects and full screen mode, as well as not seeing ads on pages. See below for a tutorial with the most basic editing features. Note that some functions have "plus" next, meaning they are not available in the free version.

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Open an image in BeFunky

Step 1. Access BeFunky in Downloads and click "Access" to the right of the page. You will be redirected to the publisher's website. There, click on "Photo Editor";

BeFunky is a cross-platform editor that has editing, collating and design functions

Step 2. In order to use the site, you need to run the Adobe Flash Player. To do this, click on "Enable Flash" (if you do not have the plugin, know how to download it here);

The publisher uses Adobe Flash Player, so you need to run it

Step 3. Then click "Allow".

You can only edit photos and use other BeFunky features by running Adobe Flash

Step 4. Before you start editing, you need to set the language. Generally, the "Portuguese" option will already be selected, so just click "Start";

BeFunky has versions in several languages, including Portuguese

Step 5. Click "Start" and choose the location where the image to be edited is located. You can use computer photos, webcam, BeFunky's own account, Facebook, Google Drive and Dropbox. In the example, the photo will be uploaded from the computer;

BeFunky lets you edit photos that are in the cloud or on your computer

Step 6. Select the desired photo and click "Open".

Just choose the photo to start editing


Step 1. To decrease the size of the image, select "Cut";

Cutting is one of BeFunky's free resources

Step 2. Click on "Free Form" to choose the desired format, from any format, original aspect ratio (equal to the photo), square and up to sizes suitable for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest Pin layers.

One of BeFunky's differentials is the number of cut options

Step 3. Choose "Landscape" for cropping horizontally or "Portrait" vertically. Then screw the cut through the indicated tips.

You can choose landscape or portrait cropping in BeFunky, as well as choose cover options for various social networks

Step 4. To finish, click on the blue check.

To complete the cut and any other edits made in BeFunky, just click the blue button

Resize or straighten the image

Step 1. Choose "Resize" if you want to change the size of the photo without cropping it;

The BeFunky editor has the ability to resize the photo so you do not crop it

Step 2. The change can be made by the number of pixels or by scale. Also, if you do not want to keep the original proportion, simply uncheck the "Block proportion" option, indicated on the second arrow. To finish, just click on the blue check, indicated by the third arrow;

The BeFunky site offers two options for resizing: by scale or by amount of pixels

Step 3. If you want to rotate the image or straighten it, if it is crooked, click "Rotate";

Another feature available is to rotate the photo

Step 4. In "Rotate" you can rotate the photo clockwise or counterclockwise. In "Flip", the photo can be inverted vertically or horizontally.

BeFunky has the functions of turning the image and inverting it

Step 5. To straighten the photo, simply move the indicator left or right. Finally, click the blue arrow to finish.

An interesting feature that is common to several editors is to straighten the photo

Color and Lighting

Step 1. To tweak the lighting, brightness, contrast and other options, click on "Exposure";

The program has some functions for lighting, contrast, brightness and other basic features

Step 2. To edit each step, simply drag the indicators to the right or left. At the end, just click on the blue "check";

Within exhibition, BeFunky allows you to tinker with some lighting features

Step 3. The editor also has a function to adjust the exposure to light automatically. To do this, just click on "Auto Enhance";

The BeFunky tool also has automatic editing capabilities

Step 4. Now you can use the gauge to set how much of the enhancement you want to use. And finally, finalize;

Even the program's automatic features can be dosed according to what the user wants

Step 5. "Embellish" is also an editing feature for factors involved in lighting, semi-automatically. To do this, drag the blue indicator. At the end, click the blue arrow;

Step 6. It is still possible to change the color, saturation and temperature of the image by clicking on "Color". To do this, simply walk with the gray indicators to the left or right. Finish on blue check.

Basic color features are also present in the program


Step 1. The tool also allows you to increase the sharpness of the image. To do this, click on "Increase Sharpness";

It is still possible to increase the sharpness of the photo through the free online editor

Step 2. You can leave the option automatically. To do this, click on the images indicated by the first arrow. If you want to choose the sharpness, move the blue indicator to the right or left.

Also the sharpness function features an auto-tuning option

To save

Step 1. To finish editing, go to "Save". Choose where you want to save the image. In this example it will be on the computer;

You can save photos on multiple platforms

Step 2. Choose the file name, the format (jpg or png), the quality (flush with the index), and then click save. One of the differences of BeFunky to the nearest competitor, the Photor, is that it does not need registration to save the edition in high quality;

BeFunky does not ask the user to register to save in high quality, as its closest competitor, Fotor

Step 3. Save to computer or other alternative.

The program also lets you save the photo directly to your computer

Ready. Use BeFunky, explore effects, and put personality into your photos.

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