How to use URL shortener, an option to

Using the URL shortener is an interesting alternative after the end of Google has announced that it will discontinue its URL shortener, the Google Shortener (known as in March 2019. However, users who do not have a login or who have never created a reduced link will no longer have access from 13 April.

In this scenario, nothing is fairer than knowing other tools that have the same function. So, TechTudo has prepared a tutorial to show how works, one of the best known alternatives to

How to retrieve the 'view image' button from Google is a free website that allows you to shorten links, but also has several other functions. Among them, one of the most known and used is to customize the URL. You can also track the number of clicks in the same way Google Shortener did. So let's show you how to use the two in two ways: without an account, shortening just anonymously, or logging in to get access to other features.

List brings seven interesting functions of shortcuts

Bitly shortens URLs and lets you track number of clicks

Shortening the link without registration

Step 1. Enter the site and, on the homepage, paste the URL you want to shorten in the bar indicated by the arrow.

One of the best known alternatives to is

Step 2. In a few seconds, the shortened link will appear. Now, just copy it by clicking on "copy" to use it.

To shorten a link in, just paste it in the main bar of Home

Using other functions

Step 1. Enter the site and, at the top of the page, click "login", if you already have an account, or "sign up" if you still need to sign up. allows you to create shortened URLs by signing in or anonymously

Step 2. For those who do not have an account on the site, it is possible to do it through an account with Google, Facebook or Twitter. You still have the option to enter a name, email, and create a password of more than six digits. allows you to sign in with your social network accounts

Step 3. After entering your account, select the orange button that reads "create a bitlink" in the upper right corner of the page.

to bitlink "

Step 4. A window will appear to the right of the screen. Paste the URL you want to shorten in the box that says "paste long url".

Just paste the link in the box indicated to shorten it

Step 5. After a few seconds, the shortened link will appear in orange at the top of the window. Just click "copy" to copy it and use it wherever you want. You can also share the shortened URL directly on Facebook or Twitter by clicking "share." allows you to copy the link or share it directly to Facebook or Twitter

Step 6. If you want to customize the URL, go to the "customize" section. Then, delete the part of the link after the slash (/) and write what you want. allows you to customize shortened links

Step 7. Click "save" in the orange bar at the bottom of the window, and wait a few seconds.

To customize the links, the site needs to check whether it already exists or can be used

Step 8. If the custom link already exists, a red dialog box will appear on the page announcing "error". So just try a different name.

The site will report an error if the link already exists

Step 9. If the URL is accepted, simply copy the link or share it, as shown in step 5.

If the link succeeds, just copy or share it

Step 10. To see the performance of the URLs, go back to the homepage. If you want to follow a specific link, click on "Hide Chart". also has the option to see the details of the links

Step 11. In the left side column, select the link you want to see the details and you're done!

The site shows how many clicks the URL had, how long

Step 12. To see all the other information about the link, just scroll down the page.

Other information about clicks can also be observed, as the user's country of origin that clicked on the URL

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