How to use Cloud Clipboard, new function of Windows 10

Windows 10 gained an improved clipboard in the October 2018 Update. With the novelty, the user can quickly access the history of copied items, as well as copying a text or image from one computer and paste it into another. It is also possible to set the most used phrases to have quick access anywhere in the system using the Windows + V key shortcut.

In the following tutorial, check out how to configure and use Windows Clipboard history 10. Remember that to use the feature, you must have the October 2018 Update version installed on your PC.

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Learn how to enable and use the history of the Windows 10 Clipboard

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Step 1. Access the Windows 10 settings and press the "System" option;

Open System Settings

Step 2. In the left sidebar of the window, open the "Clipboard" section and activate the "Clipboard History" function. If you use more than one PC, you can enable data synchronization in the option below;

Enabling clipboard history

Step 3. Now whenever you paste something, use the shortcut "Windows + V key" to open the history with the last texts and images copied;

Accessing Clipboard History

Step 4. You can use the buttons in the upper right corner of each item to remove it from the history or attach important phrases and photos that you use frequently;

Fixing or Removing Items from History

Step 5. To delete all the history from your clipboard, press the "Clear All" option in the upper right corner. This removes all items except those that have been fixed.

Clearing clipboard history

Ready! Take advantage of the tips to streamline your work with the history of the Windows 10 Clipboard.

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