How to Use Cloudflare DNS on Your Computer is the address of the new Cloudflare DNS server that promises to accelerate the opening of sites in the browser. Compared to Google and Cisco solutions, the company offers more speed to open web pages on the PC. In addition, it promises to discard user histories every 24 hours, while maintaining the secrecy of the sites visited. The service is free, but requires a manual adjustment on the computer to get started. See the tutorial on how to configure Windows to connect to the Internet using Cloudflare DNS and make navigation faster.

DNS is a service that functions as a translator of website names and IPs. When you type in the address bar, the DNS server configured on the machine is responsible for finding the server that corresponds to the requested page. The faster the server works, the more agile the site will open.

Despite the advantage offered by faster DNS servers, few users exchange the service that is configured on the PC and on the mobile phone. Typically, your Internet service provider will leave your server turned on by default. This is where alternatives like OpenDNS, Cisco, and Public DNS, go Google. Cloudflare is now a promising third path with promise for more data speed and privacy. Here's how to set up the service on your Windows 10 PC.

How to use Cloudflare DNS on mobile

Cloudflare promises quick service and preserves user privacy

Step 1. Access the Start Menu and click the gear icon in the lower left corner to open the settings.

Access Windows 10 Settings

Step 2. Select the "Network and Internet" menu, indicated by a globe.

Access internet settings on PC with Windows 10

Step 3. In the left side menu, click "Status". Then select "Change adapter options" under the "Change network settings" section.

Change the network adapter settings

Step 4. Right-click the item that contains the name of your Wi-Fi network (make sure the computer is connected) and open the properties.

Access the properties of the network adapter

Step 5. In the list under "this connection uses the following items", select "Protocol IP version 4" and click on the "Properties" button below.

Access IPv4 Properties on PC

Step 6. At the bottom of the window, check the "Use the following DNS server addresses" option and enter and in the preferred and alternate DNS server fields, as shown in the image below. At the end, click "OK" to complete the setup.

From then on, your browser should open websites faster, with secure security of your data.

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