How to use Emolfi; app transforms selfies according to your feelings

Emolfi is an application for anyone who wants to emphasize the emotions of their selfish. The app uses artificial intelligence to analyze the person's feeling in the photo, applying an effect that further highlights this emotion. The end result is fun and can be used in memes and playtime with friends.

In this tutorial, we teach you to use all Emolfi tools, which is free and available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. Its interface is in Portuguese and the procedures are the same for the Google and Apple systems.

Emolfi on an Android phone

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Step 1. After installing and opening Emolfi, you will see a small presentation of the application. Touch the "X" in the top right corner to close the intro.

Emfili app presentation screens

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Step 2. The application will request access permissions to the device storage and the camera. Tap "Allow" in the two message boxes.

Permission to Emolfi access storage and camera device

Step 3. The application will immediately open the main screen, with the front camera selected by default. Make the desired expression and click on the photo capture button (the circle in the middle of the screen). Wait a few seconds until Emolfi identifies your emotion and chooses the appropriate effect.

Emotion processing of the photo by Emolfi

Step 4. The Emolfi will display transformed selfie along with the identified emotion. If the emotion is correct but the result does not please you, touch "Other Appearance" so that it applies another filter with the same feeling. When you get to the desired image, click "Save".

Selfie transformed by Emolfi according to the sentiment expressed

Step 5. Emolfi allows you to share the live image in other apps and save it to your device. In this example, we chose to download by clicking "Download". A message will appear stating that the photo has been saved.

Photo modified by Emolfi being saved on the cell phone

Step 6. If Emolfi misses the emotion, tap the "Bad" button? soon after the selfie modification. In the message box that will open, choose the most appropriate emotion and press "OK". The application will immediately process the image by applying filters according to the new feeling.

Selecting another emotion at Emolfi

Step 7. You can also use the main camera of your cell phone. On the image capture screen, touch the button with two circle-shaped arrows, located on the right; the flash enable / disable button is enabled. You can still use a photo from the gallery by simply selecting the image in the bottom bar or touching the red square to open the locations of the device.

Indications for capturing the photo by the main camera and device image upload

Step 8. As soon as you select the device photo, Emolfi will begin to process the feelings. Modify, save, and share the end result as taught in the previous steps.

Photo of the cell gallery modified with Emolfi

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