How to use the Enlight 2 app to edit professional photos on iPhone

Enlight 2 (also called Enlight Photofox) is an iPhone photo editing app (iOS) that hit the market this month, with relative success among users. The following tutorial introduces the procedures for anyone who wants to modify a saved image on their cell phone, and also wants to publish the final result on social networks - especially Facebook and Instagram.

Free, but with some paid features, the application supports layers, allows you to add effects, create assemblies, and insert filters. The Pro subscription costs $ 3 a month (about $ 13, in direct conversion), with RAW support and other tools. It is worth remembering that the application is only available to users of the Apple system.

Learn how to use Enlight 2 to edit your photos

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Step 1. Open Enlight 2 and touch the second button on the row at the top of the screen to open a photo. Then select an image from your library or touch "Camera" to take a new photo.

Opening a photo in the editor

Step 2. If you want to add a layer, touch the "+" button and choose whether to use a transparent layer or add another photo.

Adding New Layer

Step 3. Now under "Layers" you can add effects, change the opacity and mirror the photo horizontally or vertically. To do this, use the buttons located on the lower bar. Remember that changes are always applied only to the selected layer. You can switch between the layers in the upper right corner of the screen.

Layer tools

Step 4. After adding the desired effect, adjust the image of the selected layer. In addition to dragging the image freely on the screen, you can use the tweezer gesture to zoom in or out the photo.

Adjust layer framing

Step 5. The "Rubber" tool, for example, can help you to erase the background or any object from a photo. Whenever you make a change and dislike the result, you can use the buttons in the lower left corner of the screen to undo or redo. To apply a change, use the "check" button in the upper right corner.

Applying or Undoing Changes

Step 6. In "Tone, " you can make contrast, sharpness, and saturation adjustments, add filters, and use some other features available only to Pro version subscribers. For filters, swipe left or right to change the intensity and tap on the button located in the upper right corner to apply.

Image Adjustment Tools

Step 7. On the "Tools" tab, you can crop the image and add some other effects. In "Light FX", for example, you can add reflections to your photo. Use the buttons in the lower right corner of the image to hide the other layers or compare the changes with the original photo.

Adding effects to your photo

Step 8. In "Add", the user can add texts, geometric figures, stickers and frames. You can freely drag any added element or use the tweezer gesture to enlarge or reduce the object.

Adding text and stickers to the image

Step 9. On the last tab, under "Artistic", you can add filters that simulate painting, make freehand drawings or add varied effects.

Adding Artistic Effects

Step 10. When finished editing, touch the third button on the top bar to export the image. From there, you can save the photo in your library, send it by message, email or publish it on social networks.

Exporting Edited Image

Enjoy tips on how to use Enlight 2 to add effects and make advanced edits to your photos using iPhone.

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