How to use Fake Windows Update to 'trick' friends

Fake Windows Update is a site designed to make friends with friends. When accessed by the browser, it imitates a windows update screen that never ends, especially fooling more users. In addition to this function, an extra trick punishes anyone who decides to press the Enter key to provoke some reaction in the system: at that time, the site displays the dreaded "blue screen of death", further increasing the despair of the victim.

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The site promises to be the "king of pranks" at work or college - and the terror of those who forget the PC always unlocked. Here's how to use Fake Windows Update to create a trap for friends.

Site pretends eternal update of Windows

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Step 1. When you find your friend's computer unlocked, open your browser and go to Fake Windows Update ( In the right pane, select the operating system the victim uses: Windows 98, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10, and even MacOS. There is even a more severe option, which mimics an ransomware attack;

Select the screen corresponding to the operating system of the victim

Step 2. Wait for the page to load the update immitate. When the image appears in the browser, press F11 to enter full screen mode;

Fake Windows Update mimics endless system update

Step 3. No interaction with the mouse or keyboard is able to change the state of the update. Progress may even advance eventually but will never reach close to 100%. When anxiety knocks and the friend tries to press Enter, the Fake Windows Update will display the blue screen error. To exit the full screen view, press F11 again.

blue of death "when victim Enter key

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