How to use the Galaxy J7 Pro as a Wi-Fi router

Galaxy J7 Pro allows you to share the internet with other devices such as computers, tablets or even mobile phones. The feature creates a Wi-Fi network from your Samsung mobile phone so that other devices can connect to it and access the network through the phone's 4G data connection.

In the following tutorial, learn how to enable and configure internet sharing on the Galaxy J7 Pro. The walkthrough is the same regardless of the carrier. The data used by other connected devices is discounted from the franchise.

Learn how to share your J7 Pro connection

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Step 1. Access the Android settings and tap "Connections" at the top of the list.

Access connection settings

Step 2. Open "Wi-Fi Router and anchor" and enable the "Wi-Fi Router" option.

Enabling Internet Sharing

Step 3. Tap on "Wi-Fi Router" to see the network information (Wi-Fi name and password). If you want, you can change them by touching the current name or password.

Viewing Wi-Fi information

Now just connect the devices with which you would like to share the Internet connection of your Galaxy J7 Pro using the password you have chosen.

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