How to use Grammarly to write English correctly

Grammarly is an advanced spelling and grammar correction tool that helps avoid mistakes when writing in English in the browser. With a free extension available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge, you can create English-language e-mail and have the help of the service to correct the text, get fixes and synonyms suggestions in real time - according to content. The software is an alternative to Google Translate, in order to avoid possible gaffes. Here's how to use the Grammarly plugin to write English correctly.

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Grammarly is a plugin capable of helping the user when writing in English on the Internet

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How to install and configure

Step 1. Download and install the Grammarly extension for Chrome - in this example;

Download the Grammarly extension for Chrome

Step 2. After installation, the service requires a brief registration with name, email and password to release all functions;

Fill in the Grammarly registration and advance

Step 3. Enter the type of English text you usually write and your level of proficiency;

Enter the type of text and the level of English when you register in Grammarly

Step 4. Go to select the free version of Grammarly;

Activate Grammarly free for free access

Step 5. Finally, click on the Grammarly icon in the Chrome bar. Grammar checking is enabled by default, but synonym suggestion must be enabled manually.

Enable Grammarly synonyms suggestion if you want

How to use

Step 1. In Gmail, Grammarly is automatically activated inside the composition window. The program marks words with probable errors. Touch the highlighted terms for correction options;

Fix Gmail texts in real time with Grammarly

Step 2. For synonym suggestions, double-click on any word;

Get word synonyms in online texts with Grammarly

Step 3. If the text has a specific technical profile, click the Grammarly icon to open a separate window. Copy the text to the empty field and go to the text profile menu. Select the theme that best fits the content to customize the corrections and suggestions for synonyms.

Customize Grammarly for best corrections and synonyms

Ready. Use the tips to improve your writing in English with Grammarly.

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