How to use Houseparty? Video call app succeeds in US

Houseparty is a video call app for Android, Mac (macOS), iPhone and iPad (iOS) that has been popularized in recent months in the United States - is the 11th most downloaded to macOS and the 9th among social networks for iPhone. The app stands out for allowing chat in larger groups compared to the solutions offered by Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook apps limit four simultaneous attendees, while Houseparty allows calls with up to eight people at a time.

The program does not allow you to share photos or documents by focusing only on live video. Whoever creates the chat room can leave it free for friends to join or have control of who is allowed to enter. Here's how to use the top features of the app on your phone and computer.

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By cellphone

1. Login and Initial Configuration

Step 1. Download Houseparty on Google Play or App Store and tap "Signup" to register a new account. Fill out the form with email, password, name and user;

Register on Houseparty

Step 2. You will then need to enter a phone number to receive a validation code via SMS. Enter the numbers to advance;

Verify the Houseparty account using the mobile number

Step 3. Houseparty connects to your address book to show who's online to chat. Grant permission to find friends who have the app installed. You can also connect to Facebook so Houseparty knows which contacts the app has and can join video calls. If you do not wish to link your social network account, touch "Skip" in the upper right corner of the screen;

Connect your Facebook calendar and contact list to Houseparty

Step 4. Houseparty will offer you your personal chat link. Copy to the clipboard and share with your friends to video chat at any time. Each user can have only one active conversation at a time. Then complete the setting granting permissions to the app to access the microphone, camera, and device location.

Copy your room code and grant permissions to Houseparty

2. Initiating calls

Step 1. Use the "Add friends" button or the search field at the top of the app to search for friends by name or user. Tap "Add" to add to your contact list;

Add contacts on Houseparty

Step 2. Swipe from the bottom up the home screen to see your friends list. Tap Join to start talking to people who are online right now. If the contact is offline, press the phone icon button to initiate a call and wait for the response;

Enter active rooms or call someone at Houseparty

Step 3. When you start a conversation, each user gains a frame on the screen, up to the limit of eight. By default, any contact can freely join the call, unless the room owner activates the lock by tapping the button with a lock icon. When this happens, incoming requests depend on the administrator's approval;

Block automatic friends from Houseparty

Step 4. Even in a multi-party call, you can interact individually with each participant. Tap the friend's video to open a menu at the bottom. Tap the hand to greet the friend or "Pass a note" to send a private ticket;

Send private messages to friends on Houseparty

Step 5. Touch the settings to get a contact menu. By selecting the "Ghosting" option, you can stay invisible to a specific user.

Stay invisible to friends on Houseparty

By the computer

Step 1. For now, Houseparty has a desktop version for Mac only. The login procedure does not change, but there is a difference in starting a conversation. While smartphone users go online automatically when opening the application, on the computer you need to click "Go online";

Stay online at Computer Houseparty

Step 2. Once you have started a call with one or more friends, the pictures are thumbnailed at the top of the contact list. A menu in the floating video chat window allows you to close, maximize, cut off the microphone, or block incoming friends without permission.

Video of friends staying in floating window in Houseparty for computer

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