How to use IGTV on PC and watch Instagram TV videos without cell phone

To watch IGTV videos from the PC you need to use a simple trick. With Bluestacks, the user emulates the app and manages to take the complete long video platform from Instagram to the computer.

Instagram TV is officially available on the computer through the Instagram Web, but it is not possible to perform all the functions of the mobile app on the desktop version of the service. Through the browser, the user can only upload videos to the account, leaving the video preview unique to the mobile.

Check out, in the tutorial, how to use the computer to explore network content, publish your own videos and track the performance of posts.

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Step 1. Download and install the Bluestacks program to emulate Android on your computer. After signing in with a Google account, type "IGTV" in the search and install the application with one click;

Search and install IGTV on Bluestacks

Step 2. After installation, the app will be available for use in the "My Apps" tab. Click to open it;

Open IGTV by Bluestacks

Step 3. Bluestacks automatically reorients the window to portrait mode. Use your Instagram login and password to access IGTV on your computer.

Access IGTV on Bluestacks with your Instagram account

How to publish videos on IGTV via the PC

Videos from your computer are not automatically available on Bluestacks for use on IGTV. However, the emulator allows you to import HD content to use in the application. See how.

Step 1. On the "My Applications" IGTV screen, open the "System Application" folder;

Access the system apps folder in Bluestacks

Step 2. Select "Media Manager";

Open the Bluestacks media manager

Step 3. Click "Import from Windows" to choose a video from the computer;

Import a video from PC to the Bluestacks emulator

Step 4. After import, the selected video will be available to post to IGTV normally.

Imported videos appear on IGTV within the Bluestacks emulator

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