How to use the iOS 12 password manager

The new iOS 12 features an advanced password manager that allows you to automatically sign in to websites and applications on the iPhone and iPad. The Apple feature writes information to iCloud or third-party services using encryption to prevent sensitive data from leaking. By logging into the web or apps, the user can tap the "Passwords" button positioned above the keyboard to access previously saved email and password. In this way, you can enter the credentials without typing anything. See, in a tutorial played on an iPhone 7, how to set up using the new iOS feature.

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iOS 12 automatically fills passwords

Step 1. First and foremost, make sure your iPhone is up to date. If it is not, download the update and install the new system to get the password function.

Install iOS 12

Step 2. Access the "Settings" and select "Passwords and accounts". Then turn on the key next to "Fill in passwords."

Access the menu of passwords in the iPhone settings and activate the padding

Step 3. Touch "Site and app passwords" and sign in with Touch ID or Face ID to see the list of saved passwords. Then go to the "More" button to add a new site password manually.

Access the list of saved passwords and add a new password manually

Step 4. Enter address, username and password to fill in the data automatically later. In applications, the rescue can be done automatically after the first login. That means you only have to enter email and password once and tap "Save" to save the information for the next few times.

Passwords can be saved manually or automatically

Step 5. You can save passwords on Apple servers (iCloud Keys) or third-party services. Famous apps for this purpose, such as 1Password and LastPass, are compatible with the iOS 12 password manager. When you install one of these apps, access the password settings and tap "Fill in passwords" to choose one or more fill services.

Use Apple's cloud or third-party services to store passwords

How to sign in automatically

When signing in to an application, tap the password field to open the keyboard and see the "Passwords" or "Passwords" button. Tap to open the list of saved logins. Data compatible with the application will be at the top, but you can manually fetch it if the auto-ID does not work. When you tap a recorded login, the system automatically populates the information.

Fill in passwords for one-touch sites and apps on iOS 12

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