How to use Live Photos on iPhone with iOS 11

The iPhone has new Live Photos effects from iOS 11. The arrival of the system update allows users to choose three new effects that apply specific movements in the image. The tool allows you to insert loop, back and loop effects (in the style of Instagram Boomerang) and long exposure mode (similar to that of professional cameras). Each of these modes allows you to achieve eye-catching results such as repeating images and creating patterns with light designs with the long exposure option.

After choosing an effect, the animated photos preview interface allows the image to be shared in video form on social networks and online messengers.

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Step 1. Open the camera app and tap the circle icon at the top of the screen to activate Live Photos mode - it will turn yellow. Then touch the virtual shutter icon and hold the device by framing the scene you want to capture. To end Live Photo, touch the shutter again.

Option to make Live Photos on iOS with iOS 11

Step 2. To see the photo, touch the thumbnail in the lower left corner of the screen. Then slide your finger up and down.

Action to see options for a Live Photo on iOS 11

Step 3. Touch one of the effect options so that it is applied to the image. At this point, it will be possible to check the full screen effect on the device. If you'd like to share the scene in networks or other apps, select the arrow icon in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Moving and sharing options for a Live Photo on iOS 11

Step 4. Choose one of the sharing options for your Live Photo, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Sharing options for a Live Photo on iOS 11

Take the hint to create attention-grabbing images with motion in video format or long exposure.

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