How to use Medisafe Reminder Remedies

The Medisafe application is a great choice for regular drug users to receive reminders on their cell phones. The user can register the medication, set days and times, and record dosage and even a journal of reports on the effects of medication. The software, available for Android and iPhone (iOS), also has a refill reminder, which tells you when the drug is coming to an end and needs to be reset.

See in the tutorial below how to use Medisafe's reminder tools so you do not forget to take medicine. The procedure was performed on a Galaxy S8 running Android 8 Oreo.

Medisafe warns the time to take medicine

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Step 1. Download and install Medisafe. The application does not require registration to use. Tap "Start Now" and then "Add Medication."

Add a medication to Medisafe

Step 2. Medisafe automatically identifies medication names and compounds when typing some characters, but only in English. To use the nomenclature in Portuguese you must enter manually. Name the medication and indicate time and frequency of ingestion.

Record Remedy Remedy and Remedy

Step 3. Expand the scheduling window for more time options. It is possible, for example, to set the exact number of days to take the medication.

Schedule custom reminders on Medisafe

Step 4. When you advance, the application allows you to select the format and color of the tablet for easy identification. Tap "More options" to access the "Instructions" menu and fill in more details such as "take before meals".

Include remedy administration instructions

Step 5. Under "Refill Reminder, " enter the number of available tablets and set an alert to warn when the pot is nearing its end. Touch Done to save. The app then shows the list of drugs. Touch the "More" button to add more remedies.

Create a reminder on Medisafe to reset medication

Step 6. At the scheduled time, Medisafe issues a full screen alert on the cell phone. Take the medicine and tap "Take" to save the information. The app will use the die to update the remaining tablet record. If it is not possible to take it on time, touch "Defer" and select a deadline to remember again.

Record your medication intake at Medisafe

Step 7. The refill reminder is more discreet. Tap the alert to add more drug units to the Medisafe control.

Make a note in Medisafe when a medicine is replaced

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