How to use the My English Online course to learn English

The My English Online language course is completely free and offers five levels of English learning: beginner, basic, pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced. It is developed by the Languages ​​without Frontiers (IsF) program of the Ministry of Education.

With the MyELT didactic method, created by National Geographic Learning, the course is available for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, or servants of public and private higher education institutions who are program partners.

The registration requires the CPF and the institutional link, however, the platform quickly releases access to the content. Check out this tutorial how to sign up for the government website and use the main functions of the My English Online course.

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The My English Online course is free for students, teachers and servers in institutions of Languages ​​without Borders

Step 1. On the My English Online home screen (//, click on "Register" to register for the Languages ​​Without Borders program;

Click the highlighted button to sign up for My English Online

Step 2. On the IsF page, click on "Request Access" to receive login and password through the e-mail linked to the higher education institution. After this step, enter the CPF and the registration password in the highlighted fields;

In the options marked, register the login and password by the CPF and access the program Languages ​​without Borders

Step 3. When you enter the Languages ​​without Borders website, select the "Online Course" command to register access to My English Online;

Select "Online Course" to enroll in the English course My English Online

Step 4. Fill in the registration data and click "Save" to enroll in the program Languages ​​without Borders;

Enter your registration information to register your enrollment in Idiomas sem Fronteiras

Step 5. On the My English Online course page, go to "Enter" and enter the CPF and password received by e-mail;

Click the "Enter" button and fill in the login data on the MyEnglishOnline website

Step 6. Then fill in the socioeconomic data and update the institutional link information to activate My English Online enrollment;

Complete the socioeconomic and institutional information on the MyEnglishOnline website

Step 7. Logged in to the My English Online course page, click "Go to course" to start the MyELT teaching method classes;

Once the registration is complete, click the highlighted button

Step 8. On the home page, the user will find brief usage instructions and the assessment of the degree of knowledge in English. Click "Start leveling test" to begin the scan;

Click on the highlighted option to start the leveling test on the MyEnglishOnline site

Step 9. Read the texts and listen to the questions audios, mark the correct options and continue the leveling test by clicking the arrow located at the bottom of the right side of the screen;

Fill in the dozens of evaluation responses on the MyEnglishOnline website

Step 10. Upon completion of the placement test, the My English Online course will be available to your knowledge. Go to "Start" to begin the lessons or the menu option in the upper left corner to access the "Index" and "Dictionaries";

Click on the highlighted options to access the course menu or start classes at MyEnglishOnline

Step 11. In "Index" it is possible to choose lessons from previous levels and check which exercises should be done before advancing in degree;

In the Index it is possible to follow the development in the level and to return to previous lessons

Step 12. In "Dictionaries", the student can consult for free two English-English dictionaries;

The Dictionaries option on the MyEnglishOnline website makes it possible to consult reference works for questions

Ready. Enjoy and learn English on the platform of the MyEnglishOnline course in the Language Without Borders program.

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