How to use the My Income Tax app on iPhone and Android

The Internal Revenue Service has its own application to facilitate the sending of the Income Tax return. On mobile, the app is called My Income Tax and is available for Android and iPhone (iOS). The platform, which is free, automatically saves user data and allows you to fill out the form in stages.

The following tutorial shows you step by step how to do the IRPF 2018 correctly. The procedure was performed on the Google system, but remains the same on the Apple mobile phone. Follow the guidelines and do not miss the deadline for delivery of the statement, which ends on April 30.

Federal Revenue App to declare 2018 Income Tax on mobile phone brings menu to follow statement and take questions

Income Tax 2018: How to Download and Install the Statement Program

Step 1. Open the My Income Tax app on your mobile phone and press the "Next" button to skip the presentation screen. Tap "My Income Tax" to begin filling out the tax return.

My Income Tax app home screens

Step 2. Enter your CPF and date of birth. The application should move to the next screen automatically, but if it does not, press the "Next" button. Then tap on the characters displayed in Captcha to complete authentication.

Authentication with CPF and Verification from Captcha Code

Step 3. The next screen will display all the declarations already delivered by you, with 2018 open. Tap the "+" sign and select "Start statement."

Beginning of the income tax return by the IRS app

Step 4. The application requires the creation of a password with at least 8 characters, containing a capital letter and a number. After entering your code, press "Next". Create a question and answer if you ever forget your password. Touch "Confirm."

Password creation and security response in the My Income Tax app

Step 5. Enter "Identification". Answer the questions and note that by filling in a field identified as pending, the application reduces the number in the notification at the top of the screen.

Completion of the ID menu in the IR 2018 app

Step 6. Touching directly on the triangle with the number in red you can see exactly what information is listed as pending. Just touch one of them to be taken to the item. Once all pending issues are cleared, the triangle will be replaced by a circle with a visa icon.

Pending completion of the declaration deleted

Step 7. Touch the menu represented by three dashes to go directly to the other menus without going through the introductory statement screen. Enter "Third Parties" to include dependents, people you are feeding, spouse or inventors, paying attention to the fact that each type of relationship requires different documents.

Information menu for dependents and other third parties

Step 8. The system saves the information automatically. After informing your dependents, if any, go for income. Enter the situation applicable to you. Check "Holder" if you enter your taxes or "Dependent" if you enter third party income. Complete the form and, when finished, tap the visa sign at the top of the screen.

Filing income received in 2017

Step 9. Your income menu will display a card accessing that source. If you have more income to declare, touch the blue circle with an arrow and then select the "+" sign.

Inclusion of a new source of income in the Income Tax app

Step 10. You can exit the application before you have submitted the statement. If this occurs, please enter your CPF, date of birth and Captcha code again. Note that the 2018 statement will be labeled "In-fill". Click the "+" and select "Continue fill".

Continuing to fill out the statement after exiting the app

Step 11. Enter the "Payments" menu if you have paid for different species in 2017 and fill in what you ask for. Enter "Assets and Debts" to inform real estate, automobiles, equity or other assets, as well as debts.

Step 12. Enter "Summary" to evaluate the tax calculation. If everything is correct, scroll down and click "Deliver Statement."

Submission of the Income Tax Return by the IRS app

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