How to use the new Instagram Stories filters

Instagram released new augmented reality filters for the Stories, which had been released by the company in May, during Facebook's F3 event. Unlike the existing facial masks, the new effects add animated items to the environment the user is in when capturing the image.

According to Facebook, owner of the social photo network, new filters can also be created by famous personalities and companies in creative partnerships. When the user comes across a story with augmented reality filter that he has found interesting, he may experience the effect in his publications. Check out the next tutorial on how to use Instagram's new augmented reality filters.

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New Instagram animated filters use augmented reality in Stories

Step 1. Open Instagram and click the camera icon in the upper left corner to access the Stories. Then click on the face icon, where the filters are in augmented reality;

Access the new filters in the masks menu of Instagram Stories

Step 2. Choose the animated filter you want. For this tutorial, we chose the cannon effect that triggers hearts. Position the cannon anywhere in the environment - note that as you rotate the camera, it will remain fixed where you have determined it. You can resize it however you want and still rotate it 360ยบ. When you touch the object, an effect shoots a heart into the air. Click the capture button to take a picture or record a video;

Position the object in augmented reality wherever you want

Step 3. After recording the video, send it to your friends or publish it in your story normally.

Record a video and post it in your story or send it to friends

Ready! Use the new Instagram filters to create creative Stories.

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