How to use Peeling on PC and find the best deals on Black Friday

The Pelando is a site that gathers coupons and promotions offered by several online stores and is ideal to find the best deals on Black Friday 2018. With a similar operation to a social network, the platform works in a collaborative way, allowing the users themselves to create their offers ads by finding them in an online store. From an ad, you can create alerts, discuss the promotion with other users, and make a purchase by clicking the redirect link to the store's sites.

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In addition to the web version, Android and iPhone (iOS) mobile apps, Pelando also offers a free extension for Chrome that discounts, monitors prices and creates alerts when a product receives a reduction in value. On the web platform, users can save offers to watch later and register a mobile number to receive offers on their mobile phone, via WhatsApp. Check below how to use Pelando to discover active promotions at online stores.

Tutorial shows how to register and use the site Peeling to find product offers in online stores

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Register on site

Step 1. Access the Pelando and press the "Register / Log" option located in the top menu;

Action to start a new user registration in the social network of promotions Pelando

Step 2. Use a Facebook account, Google or an email address to create a new account on the social network. For this example we will use the "Facebook" option;

Action to create a new user in the social network for offers and promotions Pelando

Step 3. Finish creating the account by clicking the "Continue as (your Facebook username)" button.

Action to create an account in the social network Peeling using a Facebook login

Main functions of the site

Step 1. The home screen displays promotions for Black Friday with the total number of offers registered in online stores. Users can tick "View Promotions" to open a general list of discounts or click the "See All" button to access the full list of stores and their respective promotions;

Black Friday ads home screen at Pelando site

Step 2. At the bottom of the home screen of the site, see more highlights on the platform. Click on one of them to see more details;

Action to open a promotion announcement in social networks Peeling

Step 3. Details of the offers can be viewed on this page. You can go to the source site to make the purchase at a discount by clicking the "Pick up promotion" button. You can also copy the discount code by clicking the scissors icon button. In the example below, the coupon for the offer is called "COME";

Quick actions for a promotion found on the social network Peeling

Step 4. At the bottom of the ad, use the options to comment, add more information, enable notifications, tell the site team that the ad has been finalized by the store, button to report irregularities, save the promotion on your profile, and a button to get a code to embed the promotion on other sites;

Extra options for an offer advertisement on the Pelando site

Step 5. Go back to the start screen and press the "Categories" button to filter ads by product type;

Area to filter deals by product categories on the Pelando site

Step 6. Still on the home screen, click your profile photo to find features available to site users. The drop-down window allows you to access your profile, find your medals, promotions created by you, your product reviews, promotions saved on your profile, your desired list of products and settings and alerts;

Options for a social networking user's offers at online stores Pelando

Step 7. Press the "Submit" button in the upper right corner to view actions to create a new promotion, make rebate coupons available, create new product reviews or questions, and send suggestions for social network administration.

Options for sending coupons and creating offers on the social network Peeling

Receive offers for WhatsApp

Step 1. On the Home screen, find the frame with the WhatsApp icon and press the "Yes" button;

Action to check how to register your WhatsApp to receive offers registered in Pelando

Step 2. A message will appear on the screen indicating a mobile number that must be added in WhatsApp to receive offers from the site.

Phone number used to receive offers from the website Peeling by WhatsApp

Install the Pelando extension in Chrome

Step 1. Go to the Pelando page, choose the "Chrome" option and click "Download". In the Chrome Web Store, press the "Use in Chrome" button;

Action to prepare downloading of the Peeling extension in Chrome

Step 2. Select "Add Extension" to have the tool installed in Chrome. Once you've done that, just go online to use the features of the extension to monitor prices and create promotions alerts.

Action to download and install the Peeling extension in Chrome

Take advantage of the tips to check out the best deals in online stores and stay tuned to buy at the best price a product you are looking for.

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