How to use Samsung Max VPN on mobile

Samsung Max is a data-saving application from Samsung that also offers free VPN to protect navigation. The program creates an extra layer of security, which is useful for avoiding data leakage over unprotected connections, such as open Wi-Fi networks in public places.

In addition to offering free virtual private network, the app tracks the connection of all programs installed on the mobile phone and monitors if any undue information is being transmitted to external servers. In this way, the tool becomes important to know if there are threats within the smartphone itself. The application is only compatible with Samsung mobile phones. In the following tutorial, here's how to set up and use the Samsung Max VPN.

Galaxy S8 is one of the phones compatible with Samsung Max

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Step 1. Download and install the Samsung Max application on your phone and always use it when connecting your phone to a public Wi-Fi network. When you first open the app, agree to the terms of use before you start.

Start Samsung Max when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network

Step 2. Authorize the creation of the secure network by tapping "Ok" and wait for the connection to be established. On the next screen, turn the key next to "Privacy Protection" to turn on device app monitoring.

Enable VPN and Enable Enhanced Application Monitoring

Step 3. Samsung Max requires access to the detailed behavior information of the installed applications. For this, you will need to grant permission. Touch "Enable access to usage data" and look for Samsung Max in the list.

Enable access to usage data by Samsung Max

Step 4. Turn the key to allow Samsung Max access to tracking apps on your phone.

Grant permission to Samsung Max to access usage data

Step 5. Tap the shield icon on the bottom bar to see a summary of mobile app tracking. Go to "Search" to open the full report and see how many requests each app makes on your smartphone. This screen shows when an app or game makes too many connections to the network and tends to be a consumer and data leaking villain on the phone.

Samsung Max displays an activity summary of all apps installed on your device

Step 6. When disconnecting from public Wi-Fi, access the application's side menu and disconnect the VPN.

Disconnect the VPN from Samsung Max when you leave public Wi-Fi

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