How to use Scrubbies to create looping animations on the iPhone

Scrubbies is a new Google application that lets you produce looping animations - in the same style as the famous Boomerang, from Instagram. The app is free and lets the user "remix" the images. When you slide your finger on the screen, you can forward or rewind the video at different speeds. The result can then be saved or shared on social networks.

In this tutorial, here's how to use Scrubbies to create looping videos on your phone. It is worth remembering that the application is exclusive to iPhone users (iOS). There is no forecast to launch a version for Android.

Learn how to use the Scrubbies app to produce looping videos on your phone

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Step 1. Install the Scrubbies app on your phone. When you open it for the first time, tap Get started. You'll need to allow app access to your smartphone's camera. To do so, touch "OK".

Allow the app to use the camera on your iPhone

Step 2. The application's operation is similar to other video recording apps. Tap the button with a red dot to start recording, and in the square, to end. Note that you can use the pause button to temporarily stop the capture.

Use the buttons to record a video with motion

Step 3. Touch the screen and swipe up and down to fast-forward or rewind the video. You can control the speed with the movement of your finger. Use only one finger to view the recording.

Slide your finger on the screen to fast-forward or rewind

Step 4. To record a "loop, " touch the screen with two fingers and drag up and down. When the movement is finished, you can see the result. To do this, just give play. If you want to redo the loop, touch the "X" in the upper left corner.

Use two fingers to create a loop

Step 5. Tap the share button to send the video to your friends on social networks or messengers. You can also use the "Save Video" option to save the video to your phone's picture gallery.

Sharing or saving in-app video

Enjoy the tips to create fun animations on your phone using Scrubbies.

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