How to use selective focus on photos with the Samsung Galaxy S7

The Galaxy S7 features a selective focus feature that lets you take blurred background photos, similar to the portrait mode of the iPhone 7 Plus, but with an added touch. Samsung's cell phone can not only identify the background to focus on the next object, but also do the reverse - that is, capture the background of the image neatly.

In addition, the smartphone photographs and then the user chooses the best picture. See, in the walkthrough of this tutorial, how to access and enable the function to have professional-looking photos.

Galaxy S7 has portrait mode with selective focus

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Step 1. Open the Galaxy S7 camera and select the "Selective Focus" option.

Enable selective focus on the Galaxy S7

Step 2. Focus on an object less than 50 cm away from the phone and shoot. Then open the gallery to see the result.

Shoot with focus on a nearby object on the Galaxy S7

Step 3. Notice that the photo displays a center icon, which indicates the use of the selective focus function. Touch the symbol to open a menu of options.

Access the Galaxy S7 Selective Focus menu

Step 4. With the selective focus on, the Galaxy S7 captures two photos at once: one with blurred background and one with blurred foreground object. By default, the phone first displays the photo with a highlight for the next object.

One of the images focuses on the upcoming Galaxy S7 object

Step 5. Touch "Focus Far" to see the second option, which blurs the foreground and leaves the background clear. From this, you have two options: save and stay with the second version only, or save as new to get the two images in the gallery.

Save the second image, with background focus, on the Galaxy S7

It is worth remembering that the blur feature uses only software features to identify the depth of the image and apply the effect. The trend is that dual-camera devices, such as Galaxy Note 8, are more efficient using a similar function.

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