How to use Serasa Clean Name

Serasa Limpa Nome is a Serasa Experian platform to facilitate debt renegotiation via the Internet. With the registration on the site, the user can access a detailed debit and, in some cases, get up to 90% off or install the debt in 36 months. The ticket can be printed on time in order to optimize the applicant's time. The platform also brings the Serasa Score system, linked to the Serasa Consumer service, able to evaluate the credit condition based on a score method.

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How to consult CPF in Serasa; free app works on your phone

Companies involved in telecommunications, education, credit card and banks participate in the initiative. However, the amount of organizations is still small for the bargain offer. According to the entity, five new partnerships should integrate the system every month to expand the services. The objective is to strengthen the online platform until November 2018, when it is planned the FeiraĆ£o Limpa Name Serasa Experian throughout the country. See how to access the service to renegotiate pending issues and remove the name of the Serasa debtor registry.

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Step 1. Go to the Serasa Limpa Nome website ( and click on "Register";

Register with Serasa Experian

Step 2. Enter the CPF number, name and date of birth. Then enter an email address and a registration password. Check the "I have read and accept the Terms" box and go to "Create a free account";

Create an account with a CPF, name, birth and password

Step 3. Click on the link sent to your email to activate the account. You will be taken back to the Clean Name. Wait a few seconds for the system to track available renegotiation proposals for your CPF;

Wait for Serasa to find renegotiation proposals for your CPF

Step 4. There are still few companies participating in Serasa's computerized renegotiation system, so there may be no proposals for you, even if there are active debts in the CPF. Click on "Serasa Consumer" to access the Serasa Score and detailing debts in your name. If there are debts without proposals, the recommendation is to wait a few days and make a new consultation.

Find out if there are proposals for renegotiation of debts to your CPF

Ready. Take advantage of the tips and regularize your financial situation with the Serasa Clean Name system.

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