How to use Smart Lock on Android 7.0 Nougat and keep your phone safe

Android 7.0 (Nougat) is available on the latest smartphones launched in Brazil, such as Moto Z and Moto G5, or can be installed by upgrading to older compatible cell phones. The mobile system offers smart features like Smart Lock, which lets you keep the device unlocked while it is in a safe place or near you.

This function is useful for those who seek more practical day to day, and do not want to waste time typing your code at all times or while at home, for example. To work, the tool analyzes reliable pocket, place, device, voice and face detection signals. See in this tutorial how to enable Smart Lock on your Android N smartphone and learn how to customize it with a quick step-by-step guide.

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Here's how to use Smart Lock from Android 7.0 Nougat

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Access Smart Lock

Step 1. On your Android 7.0 mobile phone, touch the "Configure" icon, then select the "Security" item.

Access security settings for Android 7.0 Nougat

Step 2. Then click on the "Smart Lock" item and confirm your code or personal pattern to access the settings.

Open SmartLock and confirm with your personal password

Pocket Detection

Step 3. Note that a list of smart functions will be shown and the first one is "Detection in the pocket". To start using, activate the key at the top of the screen (leaving the color green). That way, you just need to unlock the device once and it will remain accessible while you hold hands or carry with you.

Start setup by Pocket Detection

Trusted Places

Step 4. Already on the "Trusted Places" item, touch "Home" to customize a personal address. If you prefer, select "Add a trusted place" to add a second address where the phone will remain unlocked.

Add a reliable place to unlock your mobile with Android 7.0 Nougat

Step 5. Then touch the text field to enter your trusted address. Remember to add your location number and check your zip code on your Google Maps search. At the end, the radius of space marked as reliable will be shown.

Add the trusted address on your phone

Trusted Devices

Step 6. In the "Trusted Devices" category, the user can tether smartphone screen unlocking to a nearby device via Bluetooth or NFC, such as a smart clock or car system. To continue, tap "Add Trusted Device".

Now set up trusted Bluetooth or NFC devices

Step 7. Select the type of wireless connectivity to pair: Bluetooth or NFC. Find the device in the list and confirm "Yes, Add". That way, when your phone and device are nearby (and connected), your smartphone will be unlocked.

Select the wireless device to pair and mark as trusted on the mobile phone

Face of Trust

Step 8. The function uses the facial recognition of its owner to keep the cell phone unlocked. To get started, touch "Setup".

Set up a trusted face to keep your phone unlocked

Step 9. Touch "Next" to make the adjustment. Now stand facing the phone, lifting the device up to eye level, as if registering a selfie. See if the location is light enough to capture the image. Then position your face in the circle shown on the screen and wait a few seconds. At the end, a message of success will be displayed. Confirm with "Done".

Register your smartphone face with Smart Lock

Voice of Trust

Step 10. The user can register his voice to do research and to activate resources in the cellular, unlocking the device. Start by activating the key next to "Voice of Trust". Now touch "Reset voice template".

See Android 7.0 Smart Nougat Smart Lock Voice Settings

Step 11. Confirm with "Continue". Then say the "Ok Google" command three times and wait for voice recognition confirmation. At the end, tap "Finish".

Set your voice pattern on Android 7.0 phone

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