How to use Spotify songs on the Android alarm

Spotify announced in July the integration with the Android Clock app, which would allow users to wake up with their favorite songs. Partnering with Google allows you to choose a song, set up your own playlist, or select a ready playlist as the wake-up call. If you want to start the day in high spirits, when you turn off the alarm, the user can activate the option "Continue playing" and continue listening to the track or the complete list.

Check out how to use the feature in the tutorial below, done on a Moto Z2 Play equipped with Android 8 Oreo.

Spotify partnered with Google in the Clock app

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Step 1. Open the Android clock app, then go to the "+" icon to create a new alarm. If you want to perform the procedure on an existing alarm, simply skip to step 3.

Visit the Android Clock app

Step 2. Select the time first and then the alarm minutes. Finish the process in "Ok".

Select the time in the Clock

Step 3. Tap the bell icon, and on the next screen, go to the tab with the name and icon of Spotify.

Go to the Spotify icon

Step 4. Go to the "Connect" button to link the clock app to your Spotify account and then tap the "Okay" option to accept that the Clock receives data from your streaming service profile.

Step 5. Next, the last playlists heard by the user are displayed. As you scroll the screen, you can check out some suggestions from the playlist program to wake you up. To search for a specific song, album or playlist, go to the magnifying glass icon.

Click the magnifying glass icon to search for songs

Step 6. In the field at the top of the app, type the name of the song you are looking for. When you find it, simply touch on it that a blue signal will mark the selection. The song is already set as the one you want to hear to wake up.

Touch the desired song

Step 7. If you want to select any of the service suggestions, tap on the one you want and wait for the blue check sign. When you return to the Clock home screen, you will notice that the name of the song or playlist will appear.

Music selected in Spotify as an alarm

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