How to use the TSE electronic ballot simulator to know how to vote

The electronic voting simulator of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) was created so that voters can know how to vote on October 7. The free online system provides fictitious candidates in the same voting order as the voter will find in the first round of the 2018 Election. The platform was developed to closely simulate the voter's experience with the electronic ballot box with sounds, buttons, and all present actions in the royal urn.

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Brazilians can test the use of the electronic ballot box in online simulator of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal

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If you want to train in your computer how to vote in the electronic ballot box in the 2018 elections in Brazil, see the following tutorial. The TSE website also gives you the option to see how voting works in the Federal District and abroad. The procedure was done on a computer with the macOS operating system, but it is the same on PCs running Windows and Linux.

Electronic ballot simulator available for testing on the website of the Superior Electoral Court

Step 1. Go to the TSE website ( and click on the option "Simulate a vote in the First Turn";

Enter the electronic ballot simulator on the TSE website

Step 2. Click the "Election 2018 - Brazil" option to start the simulation;

Step 3. The first simulation shown is the vote for Deputy Federal. The site offers fictional candidates, who receive numbers set to be typed from the mouse on the keypad of the urn. The arrow to the right reveals other voting options. Candidate information appears on the screen and you can use the "Confirm" button to continue the process;

Simulate the vote for Federal Deputy through the TSE website

Step 4. Use the avatars again at the top of the screen to test the vote in State Deputy. Press "Confirm" again to continue;

Vote for State Deputy in the electronic urn simulator of the TSE site

Step 5. To vote void, use a sequence of numbers that is not associated with a candidate. In this example, we use the number "999". Note that a warning about voiding the on-screen vote appears. You can confirm the action by clicking on "Confirm" or use the "Correct" button to re-select the candidate;

See how to vote void in a digital electronic ballot box on the TSE website

Step 6. Next comes the choice of a candidate for Senator. In it, we tested the blank voting option. For this option, the urn offers a specific button. Click on it, to the left of "Correct", to proceed;

Vote blank on the electronic urn simulator of the TSE site

Step 7. The blank vote indication will appear on the screen. At this point, confirm the action on the green button, which says "Confirm";

Confirm the blank vote on the electronic ballot simulator on the TSE website

Step 8. The penultimate vote is for Governor. Choose the number you want or use the null and white options to move forward;

Choose or not the candidate for Governor in the electronic urn simulator of the TSE site

Step 9. Finally, enter the number of the vote for President of the Republic and tap "Confirm" to end the voting.

Simulate the vote for President in the electronic ballot simulator on the TSE website

Ready. Take the hint to train at home and do not waste time in voting for your candidates in the Brazilian elections in 2018.

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