How to Use Word Review Tools

The Microsoft Word text editor offers sophisticated features for reviewing documents. The program allows to mark errors and to write comments, useful options for works done in group, for example. Each change made has the signature of the user and can be displayed in a Review Panel. Check out the following step-by-step how to use the Word Editor Proofing Tools.

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Here's how to turn Review Control on and accept or reject marked changes

Step 1. On the "Review" tab, click the "Track Changes" command to start the Review Control mode;

Click the highlighted button to enable Review Control

Step 2. On Revision Control On, each change in the text will be highlighted with red color font, while the removed passages will be crossed out;

In Review Control, every modification is highlighted in red

Step 3. In addition, changes in the original text are marked by vertical dashes in the left margin of the document, to indicate lines with changes;

Modifications are signaled by vertical lines in the left margin of the document

Step 4. Still in the "Review" tab, you can add notes in the right margin of the document by selecting the "Add Comment" button. This feature allows you to write comments or ask for clarification without interfering with the text;

By clicking the marked commands you can add comments in the right margin of the text

Step 5. The review tool also has a table that shows each change and comment added. Click on the "Review Panel" option on the "Review" tab, and a division will be displayed on the left side of the screen;

In the "Review" tab, click "Review Panel" to activate the change frame and comments

Step 6. In addition, it is possible to follow each inserted comment and change in the document by means of the buttons "Previous" and "Next", next to each control, in the "Revision" tab;

In the highlighted buttons you can cycle through each comment or change the text

Step 7. Comments can be replied to and deleted, but modifications must be accepted or rejected. To do this, still in the "Revision" tab, click on the highlighted buttons in the image;

Accept or reject changes by clicking the marked commands

Step 8. To accept or reject all revision mode changes, click the expand arrow for the respective commands and choose the highlighted option;

You can also accept or reject any changes to the highlighted option

Ready. Explore the features of Microsoft Word to correct a text in an organized way.

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