How to View Internet Lottery Results

The Caixa Online Lottery site allows you to play online and also view the results of bets. The consultation does not need to register, which means that you can play in a Lottery physics (common store) and just check the numbers drawn by the Internet. All Caixa's categories of contest are contemplated, allowing users to see results from Quina, Mega-Sena, Lotofácil or any other bet.

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The portal also shows the past games, making life easier for those who lost the results of yesterday's Quina or Lotomania last week. In the tutorial below, learn to visualize the most recent and previous results and check the odds of winning in each Cash Lottery game.

Learn how to view Internet Lottery results

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See results of different games

Step 1. When you enter the Caixa Online Lottery site (, you will see the most recent draw made by the public company. Scroll down to the "Check the latest results" section, which will display a summary of the latest results from Mega Sena, Lotofácil, Quina, Lotomania, Timemania, Double Seine, Federal, Loteca, Lotogol and Lucky Day;

the latest results "shows the draws of all types of bets of the Cashier

Step 2. The main page displays the numbers drawn from all types of savings accounts from the Savings Bank. The summary also shows the contest number, the date of the draw and the number of winners, if any. When no one hits the sequence, there is the indication "Accumulated!". Just go down the page until you reach the desired game;

Numbers drawn, number of the contest and date of the last draw of the Cash Game

Step 3. In games like Loteca and Lotogol, the site displays the complete table of results.

Loteca's result table on Caixa's website

Find previous matches

Step 1. To see the previous results, first go to the desired game - in this example, the Mega Sena - and click the "Check the result" link.

Link to see details of Mega Sena's game result online

Step 2. If you want to navigate through the previous results, click on "

Button to move to previous Lottery Box Game results

Step 3. See the details of the previous result. Go clicking "Previous" or "Next" to see results past or near the present one by one. If you want to consult a specific game, enter the contest number in the "Search" field and enter;

Search for the previous Mega-Sena game by contest number on the Caixa website

Step 4. Check the numbers drawn, date and place of the draw, contest number, if the prize went out or accumulated. If the game has had winners, information such as amounts of winning bets, prize received by each and city where they were made can be seen in the box in gray.

Mega-Sena game information already displayed on the Caixa website

Check the chances of winning

Step 1. The Box informs the propensity of victory in each game category, which makes it easy for the player to choose which one to play. To see, go to the desired game - in this example, the Lotofácil - and enter the link "Check the result";

Highlight for Lotofácil results link on the home page of Caixa Online Lotteries

Step 2. Scroll down or click the "Probability" link;

Indication of the shortcut link to probability of victory in game of the Lottery of the Box

Step 3. The table will show the winning mathematical odds for each betting possibility in the selected game. In the example of Lotofácil, a person who makes a simple bet, of 15 numbers, will have 3, 268, 760 chances in one to hit. If the bet has 16 numbers, the chances of winning increase to 204, 297 in one.

Probability table of victory in Lotofácil

How to play the Lottery online

To check the results of the Lotteries on the Internet you do not need a registration, but to bet, yes. It is necessary for the player to be over 18 and provide personal information before choosing the numbers. The complete step-by-step of the bet can be checked in this tutorial on How to play the Lottery online.

Completion of bet on the Caixa Online Lotteries site

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