How to view two pages side-by-side in Firefox

Firefox is testing a feature that lets you view two pages at once in the browser. In addition to customizing the theme with color, this new addition is also part of Mozilla's Test Pilot program, which allows ordinary users to test new functions firsthand.

Viewing side-by-side pages can be useful for students who need to consult a source and write to Google Docs, for example. Check out the next step in how to activate and use the Side View feature in Firefox. The procedure was performed in the browser version for macOS, but the tips are also valid for users of Windows PCs.

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Learn how to view two pages at once in Firefox

Step 1. Go to the experiment page ( and press the green button that reads "Install Test Pilot". Then confirm the installation in "Add";

Install Test Pilot in your browser

Step 2. Now, on the same page, go to the dark blue "Enable Side View" button. Again, confirm the action by clicking "Add";

Enabling Firefox experiment

Step 3. After activating the function, you will see the feature icon in the upper right corner of the Firefox window. Click on it to select the tab you want to see in parallel with the current page;

Enabling two-page preview

Step 4. The selected page will open in a side column on the left. You can click and drag the tab that divides the pages to change the size of each site;

Pages are displayed simultaneously on the same tab

Step 5. Click the "Site View" button in the upper left corner of the window to access the options. In the menu, you can enable favorites, history or synchronized tabs. You can also move the panel to the other side and close it.

Side View feature options menu

Ready! Enjoy tips for viewing two pages side-by-side in Firefox.

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