How to vote void? TSE electronic ballot simulator shows how to do

Voiding is a common practice during elections. To know how to vote void, it is possible to use the virtual electronic ballot simulator on the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) website - it is also used to see how to vote blank. The procedure is the same independent of the presidential candidate, governor, senator and deputies. The electronic urn simulator can be used on Windows, MacOS and Linux PCs. It is worth remembering that the first round of the 2018 Election is on October 7.

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The ability to void the vote is seen as a form of protest, as opposed to blank voting, which demonstrates indifference among candidates. However, according to the TSE, in practice, there is no difference between blank voting and void voting. Both are disregarded in the calculations and the candidate who obtains the majority of valid votes is elected.

Learn how to cancel your vote with the simulator of the TSE electronic ballot box

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Step 1. Access the simulator of the electronic ballot box on the TSE website (// Then select the shift in which the test will be performed;

Choose the turn of the election to do a simulation of voting in the electronic ballot box on the TSE website

Step 2. Click on the link applicable to your situation - options are available for readers residing in Brazil, the Federal District or abroad;

Select your polling place to start the void simulation on the TSE website

Step 3. To cancel the vote, simply enter an invalid number and press the "Confirm" button. Note that the "Wrong Number" and "Void Vote" information is displayed on the screen. To avoid voting for a candidate by mistake, it is recommended to use zeros during filling and then press "Confirm".

Void your vote in the electronic ballot simulator on the TSE website

Ready. Take the hint and test void your vote before the 2018 election.

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