How to watch the 2018 World Cup games on two monitors over the PC

Windows 10 users can watch two 2018 World Cup games live and at the same time on two separate screens. To do this, you need to extend the computer screen to another monitor through the computer's video output. If the source device is a desktop, it is important to check if there is any other video output than the one already in use.

See the next step in how to play two matches of the Russian Cup at the same time on different monitors. To watch the games online, you can use the services Globo Play or SporTV Play, being the last exclusive for subscribers. The function is also present on macOS computers, but the procedure in the tutorial is specific to Windows 10 and earlier.

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Step 1. Connect the second monitor to the source computer through the video output. Here we use two models with VGA input, but you can also connect devices with DVI, DisplayPort and HDMI ports. Another option is to use a two-monitor adapter and connect devices with different input and output technologies;

Connecting external monitor to computer via VGA port

Step 2. Then plug the power cable into the external monitor and plug it into the outlet;

Connecting the extra monitor to the wall outlet

Step 3. As soon as the extra monitor is plugged in, it will display the same screen image as the original computer;

Computer with two connected monitors

Step 4. Press the Windows + P keys simultaneously to open the "Design" menu. Select the "Extend" option so that the screens will show different images;

Step 5. Access Globe Play or SporTV Play in the PC browser to watch online games. We will continue with the first option, which is free for all users. Log in via Facebook, Google account, or sign up, then click the three-way menu on the left. Choose the option "Sports";

Sports Menu in the GloboPlay version for PC

Step 6. The first highlight is the 2018 World Cup. When two games are happening at the same time, there are two video options in the "Live" section. Before you run any of them, right-click on and tab and select "Duplicate", available in Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge;

Duplication of flap with 2018 World Cup games live on GloboPlay

Step 7. Click on one of the tabs, hold down the mouse button and drag the window to the other monitor. No extra setup is needed: just move the cursor to the second screen and release the button when the Globe Play window appears;

Duplicate GlobePlay window being dragged to second PC monitor

Step 8. Now, just click on each of the videos from a different monitor. The two World Cup matches will be played at the same time.

Two matches of the 2018 World Cup being shown at the same time from two monitors

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