How to watch cartoons online on PC at Gloob Play

Globos, Globosat's children's TV channel, has an online platform that allows parents and children to watch all the programming on the computer. With Gloob Play, you can watch cartoons and famous online series such as Detectives of Blue Building, Miraculous - The Adventures of Ladybug and Vlog of Mila. To access the service, you must have an account on and inform the data of pay-TV.

Check out the following tutorial how to watch cartoons and series on Gloob Play from the PC. It is worth noting that the procedure is the same if the spectator wants to watch programs on the Gloobinho channel, aimed at children of pre-school age.

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Gloob Play

Step 1. Go to the Gloob Play website (// or Gloobinho Play (// and click the "Enter" button in the upper right corner;

Go to the Gloob Play website

Step 2. To sign in, you must use your account or use the data of your pay-TV operator;

Access Gloob Play using your account or your subscription TV provider's data

Step 3. Enter your access data and click the "Enter" button. You can also sign in with the Facebook data associated with your account;

Accessing Gloob Play on your computer

Step 4. To watch the broadcast of the program being displayed on real-time television, click the highlighted "play" icon on the home page or the "Live" button in the top menu. The video will start immediately;

Watch Gloob live programming on the computer

Step 5. To watch a specific drawing or series, click on "Programs";

Access the list of shows to watch on Gloob Play

Step 6. In the side menu, choose the attraction you want;

Choose the Gloob program you want to watch on your computer

Step 7. Click on the episode you want to watch it right away. You can also select which season you want to see;

Choose the season and episode you want to watch on Gloob Play

Step 8. Clicking on "Schedule", you will see the program schedule grid;

Access Gloob's programming grid from the computer

Step 9. Click on a program to see the synopsis of the episode.

Synopsis of an episode of the Blue Building Detectives program on Gloob Play site

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