How to watch HBO GO on LG's smart TV

LG's smart TVs with webOS system do not bring the HBO Go app into the official store, as with the YouTube and Netflix apps. Unlike models with Apple TV and Android TV, for example, users with branded televisions need an external device to watch the contents of the streaming service on the big screen.

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An interesting option to watch movies and series of the channel paid on LG TVs is to opt for a media center, as is the case of Chromecast. The Google device lets you send media from your phone or computer to your TV, even if it's not smart.

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With the cell phone

Step 1. Connect the Chromecast to the TV and perform initial device settings;

Chromecast 2 on TV

Step 2. If the setting is successful and your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast, a new icon will appear at the top of the HBO Go application for smartphones. Touch to connect the app to the TV;

Connect HBO Go to Chromecast

Step 3. When the connection is established, the icon is marked in blue. From there, just select a content from the catalog and touch "Play";

Play content from HBO Go on TV with Chromecast

Step 4. In a few seconds, the broadcast starts on TV and the HBO Go app turns into a remote control. Use the play, pause and transition commands as well as audio and subtitle selection.

Use your cell phone as HBO Go remote via Chromecast

With the computer

Step 1. Once you've made Chromecast settings, sign in to HBO Go through Google Chrome on your computer and play in a catalog title.

Select an HBO movie or series Go

Step 2. Once the streaming starts, the player will display a connection button with Chromecast. Keep in mind that your computer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Google device;

Start the Chrome connection with Chromecast

Step 3. At the top, select your Chromecast to start the connection;

Send content from your computer to your TV via Chromecast

Step 4. After the connection is established, the browser loads a command screen and starts displaying the image only on the TV. Use the buttons to control playback, subtitle and audio.

Control HBO Go playback on the Chromecast via browser

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